Handy capsules packed with 31 Organic Superfoods and Enzymes

Our Organic Ultimate Superfoods capsules provide an excellent source of nutrients to supplement those individuals looking to add more fruit and vegetables to their diet in an easy to use and convenient way without adding lots of calories or fats. Superfoods are famed for containing very few calories but an unusually high dose of potent plant compounds such as Polyphenols plus Vitamins and Minerals.

Providing 31 organic ingredients such as fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, and a potent plant bioactive enzyme blend, this easy to swallow capsule is the perfect solution to supplement your diet. Even better, our handy capsules can be opened and sprinkled over food such as shakes, smoothies and yogurt. Our cellulose capsules contain 100% organic ingredients without fillers, binders or non-active ingredients and are lactose and gluten free and suitable for a vegan diet.

Natures Aid Organic Ultimate Superfoods 60

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