• 100 Billion Bacteria
  • Contains 8 specific strains
  • Unique complex for ultimate daily support

Natures Aid Pro-100 Ultra® is a daily complex containing 8 extensively researched strains of bacteria; L.acidophilus, L.plantarum, L.casei, L.reuteri, B.bifidum, B.lactis, B.longum and S.thermophilus providing 100 billion live bacteria per capsule.


Over 100 trillion bacteria make up the internal microbiome. This delicate ecosystem can be disturbed by many things including antibiotics and illness. The bacteria chosen for Pro-100 Ultra® are all proven to reach the gut intact and are antibiotic resistant. Pro-100 Ultra® has been specifically formulated by bio-chemists and nutritionists based on scientific research. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nature's Aid PRO-100 Ultra (100 Billion Bacteria)

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