Pure Icelandic Fish Oil

Everyday demands on your time can make it difficult to maintain a nutritious diet, but our liquid food supplements can help support the efforts you make. Made with pure Icelandic Cod oil, our Cod Liver Oil Liquid is rich in the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, as well as providing Vitamins A and D.

Omega-3 fatty acids are important nutrients. DHA helps keep your heart and brain healthy while supporting normal vision, and EPA also supports the health of your heart. Vitamin A helps you maintain healthy skin, while Vitamin A and D both support your immune system. Vitamin D also helps maintain your bones and muscles. This combination of nutrients makes our Cod Liver Oil Liquid a convenient and fuss-free way to support your overall health and wellbeing on a daily basis. What's more, it's also distilled to remove pollutants such as heavy metals - including mercury - for ultimate purity.

Natures Aid Cod Liver Oil Liquid

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