This spaghetti tastes significantly different from most pastas, even other wholegrain pastas. When cooked, this pasta does not become a mush like some brown pasta can and it retains a firm texture similar to non-wholegrain pasta.

We particularly like wholegrain pastas due to their flavour and extra absorbency: the rougher texture absorbs more of the sauce, infusing the pasta with flavour. On a practical note, wholewheat pastas are also less slippery on the plate.

This pasta, however takes things to a new level. It is bronze-extruded, which means that it is pushed through a bronze die in order to form the threads. This may sound trivial, but it makes a large difference. Most pastas are produced using weaker teflon dies, which can only withstand a lower pressure. The bronze die allows a higher pressure, which creates a far rougher texture, and hence greater flavour-absorbency. This is not just a load of old baloney - you can really taste the difference!

In addition, this pasta is dried slowly at low temperature rather than heat-dried. This means that more of the flavour is retained.

This really is an excellent pasta: probably our favourite, in fact.

Biona Organic Wholegrain Wheat Spaghetti 500g

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