Wholemeal Bronze Extruded Pasta

  • Made from 100% Whole Durum Wheat.
  • Nutritious brown pasta.
  • Retains its texture, no sloppiness!
  • Easy-to-cook for hot and cold dishes.
  • High fibre, good source of protein.

This pasta is made using a traditional method of passing the pasta through bronze dies and allowing the it to 'rest' before drying. This creates minute ridges where sauce and cooking juices can collect nicely for a more flavoursome dish.

The small curly tubes are often known as 'macaroni' pasta. This high fibre and high protein pasta is the ideal basis for a healthier Macaroni Cheese as well as a simple pasta salad.

Biona Organic Macaroni Pasta, Wholewheat 500g

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