Gluten Free Goji & Cranberry Muesli

  • Contains a chewy, crunchy blend of fruit, seeds and grains (puffed & flaked).
  • High in fibre and a great source of protein.
  • Gluten free and wheat free.

This gluten-free muesli is based on soya flakes, quinoa, rice flakes and buckwheat, all of which are non-wheats and gluten free. In addition, this muesli contains a high proportion of fruits and nuts, including cranberries, goji berries and raisins. The nutritional benefits of goji berries and cranberries is well-known for being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

This muesli is ideal as a daytime snack, as well as a breakfast of course. Though gluten-free, it is of course great for everyone to eat, contains 48% fruits and seeds, and it's good to have a range of different grains and cereals in the diet.

This muesli has no added sugar, and is certified organic.

Alara Organic Gluten Free Muesli 450g with Goji Berries and Cranberry

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